I am a UX Designer and passionate visual thinker. With an extensive academic background and 10 years’ design experience, I have managed a variety of projects from concept to execution with a focus on research, sketching, iterating, and visual design.

My design process starts and ends with people, right from understanding my audience to making sure they have a pleasant user experience. I love people and love bringing a smile to their face. This is reflected in my achievements in the field of design over the past 10 years. Pure enthusiasm to learn from a variety of people has led me to work in many diverse environments. My experience at various design studios and my ability to perceive global trends have made me a well-balanced designer who transforms simple things into a joyful journey.  

I’m known for my neatly organized papers with doodles that speak aloud the thoughts that bubble up in my mind. For me, design is a way to creatively translate the world into tangible products and meaningful experiences. And I treat every project, whether small or big, with equal importance and undying passion.